About us

Istel Telefonia was founded in 1986 in Bologna. From more than 25 years we provide reliable support for planning, installation, testing and maintenance on systems and networks for public or private landline and mobile telecommunications. In 2001 Comtel M., a company with as much experience as Istel Telefonia, working in Piemonte and Lombardia, was detected and acquired by us.

The group Istel Telefonia – Comtel M. continues its process reaching several success gaining more and more experience with high and certified technical skills. We provide several services with peculiar attention given to technical innovation and customer care. Nowadays we have built a skilled network of technicians, tester and planner, who ensure promptly their intervention across Europe.

Our company has headquarters in Bologna and Turin, branches in Rome, Mestre, Ancona, and logistic support in Italy in Florence, Genoa, Belluno, Milan, Perugia, Udine and Bolzano and logistic support abroad in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid.

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